Photo Studio New York

A Photo Studio New York for Fashion Brands and Influencers

If you own a brand or you’re a model looking for a photo studio New York, shoot me an email. My name is Kilian Son and I’m a photographer and videographer based in New York City. I have a professional photo studio that is available for any brands or influencers who want to work. If you’re in search of a professional videographer near me, I’m happy to chat and let you know what I can do to help.
Even though the world has slowed down, it’s important to push on. If you use this time to be creative and get your vision out to the world, it hasn’t been wasted. I want to help the local fashion and creative community get through this time by providing high-quality fashion photography to anyone in need. I’ve worked with brands like North Face, Bulletto, Bravado, and many others. I have my own photo studio New York and I’m happy to shoot you here or in a location of your choosing. I also specialize in street photography, and I’m always down to get some organic shots in the outdoors. New York has such a unique vibe; I love to capture models against the backdrop of such an enchanting city. It helps accentuate what makes the brand I’m working with bold and different.
Check out my portfolio to see examples of my work. If you have any questions or you want to book a shoot, feel free to shoot me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. I’m always looking for new clients. I’m happy to chat about the kind of shoot you’re looking for and let you know my rates and availability.