Photography Of Disabled People

Professional Photography of Disabled People in New York City

My name is Kilian Son and I’m a photographer and videographer. I’ve been shooting models and brands for many years and I’m interested in shooting all kinds of different subjects. I’m embarking on a new project to shoot photography of disabled people and I’m looking for New York residents who want to be photographed. I love working with all different kinds of models and brands. I use my art to find something beautiful in unlikely subjects and I love shooting photography of people with disabilities because they are often the most interesting subjects. I love to celebrate the things that make people stand out from the crowd and will showcase the brands I work within a unique way. I strive to be as inclusive as possible and capture a variety of subjects from all different walks of life.
Check out my portfolio for a few examples of my photography of disabled people. If you or anyone you know would like to be a subject, feel free to reach out. I’m always in search of new inspiration and people to collaborate with. What I love about photography is its ability to celebrate the things that many see as negative. Every struggle in life leads to triumph and I try to showcase that in my photography of people with disabilities. Art has the power to turn pain into power and my medium just happens to be photography. Now more than ever, it’s important to look at the glass half full and focus on the beauty in the world, rather than dwell on the negative. Send me an email if you want to participate in my project or book a shoot. I’m always happy to chat and find out how I can support the New York City community in this unprecedented time.